Non-Booklikers Comments

Maybe because I'm new here, but I just found out that anyone can sign a captcha comment and then comment on any blogpost under whatever name they signed in under when signing the captcha.


I haven't found a way to disable that. Facebook comments I have no problems with, as that is a public link to whoever, but anonymous driveby's?


I don't like that, at all. I am very much a closed community kind of guy. I want to be the guardian of my gate, deciding who can come in. I don't like the feeling of being in the middle of a bazaar with Eleventy-jillion hawkers all screaming at me.


Call me a paranoid control freak. I'm ok with that because GR and the indie writers [not authors by the way, they are NOT authors*] I had spats with taught me a valuable lesson.


Edit: *as Deb points out in her comment, not all Indies are just writers, some are really good authors. Just not the ones I fought with ;-)





Just started a thread in the official Booklikes group:

Guest Comments?