Line of Polity (Agent Cormac #2) (Polity)

The Line Of Polity - Neal Asher

a rogue scientist fuses himself with an ancient races technology. At the same time the Polity is attempting to extend their line by the peaceful taking over of a world. These two plots collide and Skellor [the scientist] sets himself up to be a major villain in coming novels. Cormac plays a very small role. Focus is on Skellor and some freedom fighters on the planet's surface. Extremely engaging and I just enjoyed reading this.


I find it so ironic that the ancient technology that is so destructive is called Jain technology, after Jainists. Who are preservers of life, even insects, which seems to be completely opposite of what is in the novel.


A violent, fast paced, scary in its implications scifi thriller. I find myself becoming enthralled by this universe Asher has created and am looking forward to exploring it more and more.