Monster Hunter Vendetta (MHI #2)

Monster Hunter Vendetta (MHI, #2) - Larry Correia

Where as Monster Hunter International started off with a bang and then kind of just petered out, Vendetta starts with bang and then relentlessly pounds the reader with one battle after another until the very end, where there is a great big mother-phracking battle. Almost one long, ongoing battle. And I loved it.


There was no gun porn, no contrived romance'y stuff, nothing that wasn't essential to the story. I felt like my backside was kicked the whole time. And Owen steps up and stops whining. Agent Franks. Even when the reveal happened, I didn't get the play on words with his name until AFTER I was done the book. Very clever, in a simple punny way.


Overall, this was a much more enjoyable read than the first one. Looking forward to the final book now...