What's with all the "Teachers" Suddenly on BL...

I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that every couple of days, when I'm exploring the Just Published section, that there will be an influx of a bookliker talking about a childrens book and either saying it was perfect for Grade X or had a reading level of X.XX, blah, blah.


I've come across these so called teacher accounts before, followed one or two until they just disappeared. I honestly can't say they are spam, but they sure do toe the line as far as I'm concerned. Never responded to any overtures I made, even innocuous "good review" comments.  And they've been ramping up in the last couple of weeks.


If they're just crossposting here and have interest in communicating, that is their business. But they ALL follow the same exact pattern, much like those accounts whose only post is "Hello, I'm X from Belgium, but have been living in Bajukistan for the last 10 years and I love books..."  Posts from multiple sources that follow the exact same setup always make me suspicious.


Thank you for your time. Please buy my new book, How to be Suspicious and Paranoid of Everything and Still be Right.