Robin 3000 (Elseworlds: R3K #2)

Robin 3000  #2 - P. Craig Russell, Byron Preiss

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Title: Robin 3000

Series: Elseworlds: Robin 3000 #2

Author: Byron Preiss, et al

Rating: 1.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Comic

Pages: 53

Format: Digital Scan








Tom Wayne begins chasing down some of his robot clones to prove to the rebellion that he isn't collaborating with the Skulp. During the process he allows himself and his group to be captured by the head honcho of the Skulp intellligence. Who has a time machine.


Tom escapes, visits just desserts upon the head skulp, gets visited by a robot Robin from Earth [which has been teleporting around the galaxy looking for Tom] who convinces him to take on the costume of Robin and continue the fight against the Skulp.


The End. Or is it?



My Thoughts:


Ok, I knew going in this was going to be a mess. Vol 1 was a great disappointment and this did no better. Once again, this was not a Robin story. This was a Super Smart Science'y guy has adventures, In Space! Tom just jets around, as Tom, and does things and what not.


The way things were presented on the back covers was cool and made it sound like this would be a kick butt action comic. But it isn't.


And the stupid Robin robot teleporting all over the galaxy looking for Tom just to give him the costume? That made NO sense nor did Tom's taking of the costume. He's the last Wayne. He should be taking on the Batman mythos.


But nothing about this 2 part series really made sense. And that "or is it?" ending. That reeked of desperation to get this turned into a regular series. Thank goodness it failed and we weren't subjected to more of this pablum.