Don Quixote: Chapters 21-23

Don Quixote de la Mancha (Oxford World's Classics) - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Charles Jarvis, E.C. Riley

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Chapter 21


In which Quixote attacks a barber, steals his basin for a helmet and discourses, at length, to Sancho about the general idea of what Knights Do

All that remains to be done is, to look out, and find what king of the Christians, or of the pagans, is at war, and has a beautiful daughter;

Being a Knight 101



Chapter 22


In which Quixote frees a bunch of prisoners headed for the galleys, demands they go to his Lady Dulcinea and wonders why they attack him in response.





Chapter 23


In which Quixote and Sancho take to the mountains to escape any lawmen seeking those who freed the prisoners. There they find a mad man being cared for by Shepherds.


If that isn't fodder for Quixote to unleash his imagination upon, I don't know what is!


'Your worship will as much take warning,' answered Sancho, 'as I am a Turk;'

How can Sancho be SO smart and yet SO dumb? Just goes to show how complex humanity is.


In a letter by the mad man: that I took you for an angel, and by this I find you are a woman.

This is what happens when you over-romanticize anything. It becomes distorted and you see it as you wish instead of as it is




Hayman, Francis, 1708-1776; Don Quixote Attacking the Barber to Capture the Basin