The Tropic of Serpents (A Memoir by Lady Trent #2)

The Tropic of Serpents  - Marie Brennan

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Title: The Tropic of Serpents

Series: A Memoir by Lady Trent #2

Author: Marie Brennan

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 332

Format: Kindle digital edition




Thus proclaimed Bookstooge, the Sage of the Diet of Sohdah and Utterer of Deep Mysteries, whilst traveling upon the highways and byways.



3 Dooms I pronounce against thee! Let all hear and tremble at my words.





21st Century Cant spewed, out of Time and Place

My soul loathes such an abomination




Where 10 words would do, yay 5 would suffice, 30 were squandered

Garner not my attention with vain repetitions and overly long descriptive paragraphs, for such things the Indies do, thinking to make their books be read on high

In the end, I cast them down into the pit, into the mire, to languish and such shall be done to thee




Bore. Me. Not.

Am I a god? Am I not mortal, like thee, with a mortal's lifespan?

Waste not my time, thou wretch, lest thou be consigned to the Dust Heaps of History



Here ends the 3 Dooms of Bookstooge