Under Fallen Stars (Threat from the Sea #2) (Forgotten Realms)

Under Fallen Stars - Mel Odom

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Title: Under Fallen Stars

Series: Threat from the Sea #2

Author: Mel Odom

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 356

Format: Kindle digital edition









Jherek continues to mope and feel bad, just about things. He does travel all over and have adventures, so at least he's preparing to fight against the Taker. The Taker continues his rise to power and using of the Sahugin. The priestess buries her doubts about the Taker doing Sekola's will. The old song guy gets more of the song in his head and hooks up with a peg leg dwarf [no, I am NOT kidding] and some old mystical elf. The various strands are starting to come together as each part moves closer to its final end. 



My Thoughts:


This wasn't a bad read but my goodness, Jherek and his whiny'ness got to be a bit much. It was just too true to life. Man, I'm glad I'm not a teenage boy anymore. Makes me wonder how my parents stood it.


Adventure-wise, this was a cracking good one. Sahugin and pirates invade a city, a ship battle between pirates, an attempt to capture someone in a crowded tavern. Brawls, fights and maneuvers abounded!


There were a couple of references to the downfall of the Elven empire millennia ago and it made me want to search out to see if any books dealt with that. I do know that some of the Elminster books take place during that time, but I can't stand Ed Greenwood so I won't be reading any by him and I don't know if anything else was ever written. Forgotten Realms books are written about the era currently happening.