Don Quixote: Chapters 5-9

Don Quixote de la Mancha (Oxford World's Classics) - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Charles Jarvis, E.C. Riley

Up to page 90 and this is going very well. So here is my update.


Chapter 5

...and for all that no truer than the miracles of Mahomet.

Ha, Cervantes was good Catholic


After his beating, Quixote is taken care of by his friends and family. Too bad he just won't listen to them. Much like most of humanity, use and discard.



Chapter 6


Mainly a list of books that were thrown out.


What a boring chapter.



Chapter 7


...and that they should pretend that an enchanter had carried them away, room and all.

Why would they play along with his delusions if they want him to get better? little do you know of the matter: before they shall shear me I will pluck and tear off the beards of all those who dare think of touching the tip of  single hair of mine.

Forgets his previous beating PRETTY quickly


In which Sancho Panza is introduced to the reader.

"I'm with Stooopid ->" applies very aptly to both master and squire




Chapter 8


Well, though you should have more arms than the giant Briareus, you shall pay for it.

Briareus is the name of the cyborg boyfriend in the anime Appleseed. He and Deunan end up attacking Olympus to get the data they need.

Much like the original Briareus attacked Olympus with the rest of the titans.Or defended it, depending on which myth you go with. Either interpretation works in Appleseed, as Briareus IS attacking Olympus but with the goal of ultimately saving it.

Goodness, the japanese are clever. I need to rewatch Appleseed.


...I do not complain of pain, it is because knights-errant are not allowed to complain of any wound whatever, though their entrails came out at it.

Now THERE'S an image for you.


...he made but one sleep of it.

Reference to the 2 sleep cycle that most pre-industrials had. A very interesting subject.


"I say I will do so," answered Sancho; "and I will observe this precept as religiously as the Lord's day."

Can a "good" Adventist read this book in good conscience? Hahahahahaha.


...the Biscainer swore in his gibberish...he would kill his mistress, and everybody that offered to hinder him.

This guy's just as mad as Quixote.


This was the chapter with the windmills and it was only 1 page. 1 page out of 1000 and that is what Don Quixote is KNOWN for.  I'm not sure if that hilarious or sad.



Chapter 9


This chapter was Cervantes breaking the 4th wall and informing the readers of his continued "research" into Quixote, which consisted of him finding them in a bunch of rag paper and shanghaiing a jewish priest to translate them for him. What a researcher.


It also concludes the battle between the Biscainer and Quixote, which was fought with pillows as well as swords. I was laughing rather hard.


What a joke of a battle





Quixote and Sancho in sketch