Don Quixote Pre-Read Extravaganza *now with more Politics!*

All righty, just wanted to remind everyone that our Buddy Read officially starts  on the 15th, which is just a few days away. Next Tuesday to be precise.


I am planning on starting to read it on Monday, as I'll be reading this during lunchbreaks. But my first post will wait until Tuesday. Depending on how the lunchbreak reads go, I might end up reading this on the weekends as well just so I can make sure I finish by Years End.




Whenever I do a post, I'll link it in the Buddy Read group so you don't have to follow me if you don't want to.


Political Statement:

I voted for Trump and I might eat your babies, shove peanut butter up your nose, or commit some other unspeakable act against you, if you follow me or I follow you.

*And that is as much politics as you're going to get out of me*

(show spoiler)



Beyond that, I don't have much of a plan. I'll probably try out different ways of posting updates and see what works for me and you guys. I might try a short post in Pig Latin but even thinking about it sounds daunting.