Mountains and Memories (Pictures)

Today was a rare day. Neither Mrs Bookstooge nor I had any responsibilities at church so we decided to take the day off and climb a local mountain. It was a beautiful fall day, just the right temperature and was about as good a day as you could ask for. Of course, it had been 18 years since I'd climbed this particular hill [it is only about 6000 ft high] and just about as long for Mrs Bookstooge since she'd done some serious hiking.

So we made it about half-way up before calling it quits. Our decadent lifestyle of sitting on the couch and reading had caught up to us!


Later this evening we're going to play a game called Ravens of Thri Sahashri that I found out about on Derailment of Thought's wordpress blog. It is a cooperative game, so it suits our temperaments better than a competitive one would. That and the art on the cards is just gorgeous.





I was going to write a review or two, but with Booklikes acting so slow and just generally being not nice, I can't muster up the will to conquer it. So here are a couple of pix from the hike.