The Autumn Republic (Powder Mage #3)

The Autumn Republic - Brian  McClellan

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Title: The Autumn Republic

Series: Powder Mage

Author: Brian McClellan

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 619

Format: Kindle digital edition





Synopsis:  Spoilers


Tamat is back. Taniel is being chased by Adrom forces, his own forces. Adamat is acting as a go between for forces beyond his imagination.

The gods are at war and they are being killed,one by one. That god/god slayer is convinced that HE will rule the world as a paradise. Can what is left of the Powder Mages fight a god, an invading army and win an election. Not without blood, sweat and black powder.



My Thoughts:


This ends the series on a bloody, dirty, gritty note, just like how it started. It is a relatively satisfactory ending and as much of a happy ending as you can expect from a Flintlock Fantasy.


Even after 3 books, I was still confused with various names of people, nations, etc. It all just blended in together and I went a long for the ride. I'm sure I missed out on some details and what not, but honestly, I just didn't care.


I know that isn't exactly a ringing endorsement but while I liked the overall plot and ideas, I just couldn't get past the grim grittiness of it all. If you like that kind of thing then you'll love it here.