Outriders (Outriders #1)

Outriders - Jay Posey

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Title: Outriders

Series: Outriders

Author: Jay Posey

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 448

Format: Kindle digital edition





Synopsis:  Spoilers


Lincoln Suh [I had so much fun in my head saying Sir! Suh, Sir!] is a man who IS the definition of Special Forces. But when he joins the Outriders, things get kicked up a notch. First off, they kill him. Just to make sure they can electronically store his brain.

The Outriders take on missions that the Government not only denies, but actively opposes, but needs done.


Someone is trying to fan the flames of war between Earth and Mars and it is up to the Outriders to find out who and prevent it.



My Thoughts:


I didn't enjoy this as much as Posey's Duskwalker trilogy, but it was still very good. My only gripe was the eye-rolling obviousness of the solution to the villain that nobody in the story still gets. If you have death proofed soldiers who can come back to replicated bodies [much like the Cylons in the new Battlestar Galactica] don't you think that others might have that same solution? Other than that particular bit of denseness, I have NO complaints.


I liked that Lincoln was not a raw recruit with "potential" and we get to see his rise. Instead, he's already a fully mature [and the older I get, the more I appreciate that kind of character in the books I read] soldier who is willing and able to take on whatever is needed. I still want heroes in my stories.


It didn't "feel" very science fiction'y to me, even while taking place on Mars, Space Stations and space ships. Which means that I'm either getting very jaded or that Posey did an excellent job of not making the surroundings the main point of the story.