Ross Poldark (Poldark Saga #1)

Ross Poldark - Winston Graham

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Title: Ross Poldark

Series: Poldark Saga

Author: Winston Graham

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 400

Format: Kindle digital edition







Ross Poldark has returned to Cornwall from a stint in the army and fighting those upstarts in the colonies. Sadly, his father has died, his servants have spent his livelihood on drink and the woman girl he loved, believing he was killed, has agreed to marry his cousin.

Now Ross must restart his life, with an old drunk couple for servants, a young waif as a cook, a family that looks down upon him and woman who wonders if she made the right choice.



My Thoughts:


I started watching this on Netflix and was really enjoying it. When I found out it was a 12 book series I stopped watching so I could enjoy the process of reading.


This was good. I am not usually a fan of historical fiction, as History and I know each other but have no interest in the other, kind of like second cousins. But a good story is a good story even if it doesn't have Space Marines.or Dragons.


The "drama llama" factor didn't get too high for me, which considering everything, I was very thankful for.  I am kind of afraid that Ross will end up in some kind of emotional love triangle with his former flame Elizabeth even while he's married to Demelza. If so, or if "things" happen, I'll be stopping this series. Marital unfaithfulness is not something I take lightly, even in my fiction reading.