Note to Self: remember on booklikes that ..

Reblogged from Debbie's Spurts:
  • Combining stray editions found when searching for books or after adding a missing edition = report/flag the book from the book page.  It helps librarians if list each edition's booklikes URL (including the book page reporting) in the comment.
  • Read reviews on booklikes of books I am reading or shelving positively.  Check the reviewer profiles for recent activity to find people to follow.  Booklikes is lonely when someone has few followers/followed and at least you have a book (possibly an entire genre) in common.
  • Reading Lists when menus are working are upper left "dashboard" menu choice under the "apps" menu.  When menus not working, at .
  • Discussion Rooms when menus are working are upper left "dashboard"; when not working they are at .