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After messing around quite a bit, getting some info from a librarian and reading some of the rules, aNobii is out.


You can't have both the real author and a pseudonym as "authors". You have to have the "main author" and then the pseudonym in the description. So for Richard Bachman books, you have to have Stephen King as the author and then add Richard Bachman as the first part of the description. I don't think that makes sense at all.


Then the killer for me was that you "could" create non-isbn book pages, but not for ebooks or indie books. Which means all those kindle exclusive books? No go! Can't add them. And since I read a TON of kindle edition books, it just isn't going to work.


I put the relevant part of the Help file in the comments.


I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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So, was pretty much a bust, as it didn't have a book database and just didn't have the "oomph" that I want from a booksite. If I was just looking for a social site and didn't have wordpress, TheReadingRoom could have filled in the gap, but with no group and no real way to search for people besides looking at random books to see who else has read/reviewed it, it just wasn't for me.

Plus, it WAS one giant ad site :-(


It took me until sometime this afternoon to really realize that I would end up being super frustrated at TheReadingRoom and I couldn't go there. Sorry to drag you all through my time with that. All the comments on that post, oy vey! But because I'm a masochist and pig-headed, I couldn't leave well enough alone and wait to recover. I had to immediately jump right back into the search. This time around I was checking out


I concentrated on book things this time around instead of checking out the people/social side of things. I was able to import most of my books, albeit without ratings, reviews or read dates. That actually isn't a big deal for me now that I've got most of that in my Calibre library on my computer.



Book Editions


Tags [even though that I'm still figuring out]

Import books by various means

Shoutout Box on each members page. It's a comment box, whoo!



Reviews have a distinct lack of formatting options. Bold and Italic is it I think?

NO HALF STARS. Please be aware of that. I'm pretty spoiled here.

I can't find a Blog Option



I figured I'd better start this post instead of commenting even more on the TRR post. Thank you all for your patience as I wander afield here.