Slow? Glacial Is More Like It...



And they have ALL moved to Booklikes apparently.


I was out of town to help pack up the Folks, as they are moving down South to be closer to my sister. 3 twelve hour days of packing boxes and stuffing 25 years of stuff into a U-Haul, all in 100degree weather and 90% humidity. Got back last night and was looking forward to coming back to Booklikes and catching up.




I would really like to read all your posts (and consider them read in spirit) but aye yi yi, but it takes 5minutes for the "loading more" button to work. And then I read the bug report thread. And then I looked and realized that "Booklikes" hasn't checked in since the 19th of LAST MONTH and suddenly, it isn't looking so good :-(  

I'm giving things until the end of the month to change. If it is the same, then I'll be done. I've put up with 2 years of things slowly devolving and this is pretty much about the last straw.


I'm going to attempt a review later today. Probably buy an energy drink before hand just so the caffeine can keep my spirits up while I laboriously wade through that process.  This was not what I was expecting to come back to.