July '16 Roundup & Ramblings



I was pretty satisfied with this month. No dnf's, which is always nice. Started my audio book adventures and while it was ok and I'll be continuing it with various random books, it is apparent to me that audio and I just don't quite hit it off.


My top reads this month were Talion: Revenant, part of my Project Reread and The New Watch, the latest in the Russian Night Watch series. Talion was a good re-re-re-read but I suspect this will be close to my final read of it. New Watch brought us full circle from new member to mature member and the writing has matured and mellowed.


There were no real stinkers this month, but some pretty Meh reads. Jupiter Theft and Nephilim: Genesis of Evil were both outstanding in their lack lustre'ness and mediocrity.


I am still working my way through Superman: Doomed, and by that I mean I keep thinking about getting back into it and just finishing it off in one fell swoop. I've got 125 books on my kindle so my Priority collection and Reread collection are both taking a place in the regular rotation as I need to get through some of the other books. My Misc collection is the only one that I'm keeping at the front of the queue. Read 8 other books, read a Misc book, rinse and repeat. That collection has grown to over 25, so I really need to work through it and get it under 15, otherwise the books are going to sit in that collection for at least another year.


Hope your July was a good one as well. August will be a slower month for me as I'm going to be helping various family members [some near, some far] move throughout the month. Cheers!