Drysine Legacy (The Spiral Wars #2)

Drysine Legacy - Joel Shepherd

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Title: Drysine Legacy

Series: The Spiral Wars

Author: Joel Shepherd

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 471

Format: Kindle digital edition







The Federation starship Phoenix and her crew are on the run. But not on the run from just the Federation it seems. Various alien species are attacking them, for various reasons. Add in the apparent rise of an ancient machine race, and the discovery of their ancient foe on board the Phoenix and it is apparent that Erik Debogande and the rest of the crew are onto something much bigger than they ever thought.



My Thoughts:


I enjoyed this just as much as the previous book. Having to face a choice of resurrecting a monster machine race to fight another monster machine race is just "ugh". Possible subjugation of all biological life or certain subjugation.


The action was awesome. The huge battle at the end between the various Hacksaw forces with the Phoenix kind of dodging between was spectacular. Space Marines [always my favorite] versus horrible alien killing machines that ruled the Universe millennia ago.


I thought that this book wrapped up the series. All major issues were taken care of and while the whole "genocidal machine killers" wasn't, that aspect was big enough to have its own trilogy or even a series. When looking at the authors website though, it appears that this will be a trilogy. Not sure what the 3rd book will be about and still be a wrapping up point. Oh well, something to look forward to once it actually gets written.


I've enjoyed these 2 books enough that I'll be hunting down others by Shepherd and giving them a go.