Swords of Exodus (Dead Six #2)

Swords of Exodus - Mike Kupari, Larry Correia

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Title: Swords of Exodus

Series: Dead Six

Author: Larry Correia & Mike Kupari

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 608

Format: Kindle digital edition







Valentine and Lorenzo are back in action. Of course, Valentine is being totally mind raped Majestic in a secret prison. Lorenzo is forced to rescue him, in exchange for information on his missing brother Bob.

Exodus recruits both of them to go after a new Warlord who enslaves whole village and then has the slaves become his devoted minions. Something otherworldly would seem to going on.


My Thoughts: Spoilers


Sadly, this suffers not only from "middle book" syndrome, but also from the death of Lorenzo AND the fact that there is no book after this. It felt like a project that got cancelled.


That really skotched my enjoyment of this. I don't mind when the good guys die or suffer a setback, IF they have the chance to come back and be victorious. But they didn't here and it doesn't appear they ever will. Also, I wish the supernatural element had played a much bigger part. Just like in the first book, this was a military escapade first with just a Hint of supernatural.