Venetia: I've read 59%.

Venetia - Georgette Heyer

Mrs Scorrier makes her entrance.


I really wish that Heyer had given more back and forth between her and Aubrey. I guess what we got was the limit of her cleverness. Oh well, it was entertaining.


Oswald the "Rake".  Heyer really captures the essence of this young man with just a few strokes of the pen [or clicks of the typewriter I guess]. His passionate, tempestuous, easily distracted, temperament just makes me chuckle. He really needs someone to box his ears or punch him in the gut. I was kind of hoping that Dameral WOULD toss him into a pond.


I just got to the point where Damerel is moping because he's in love. That is just so much wish fulfillment on Heyer's part. I'm consigning it to the same place where I place Mack Bolan and his steely blue eyes as he blows away the mafia bosses. That is guy wish fulfillment: bringing swift justice and execution to evil doers.


In one of someone's updates, I saw that Mrs S gets hers. I can't wait to get to that this afternoon.