Venetia I've read 33%.

Venetia - Georgette Heyer

Just finished up through Chapter 7.


I find that I am truly enjoying parts of this but then something else comes along and just dashed all before it.


Lady Dennings talk about men. So many things I found revolting, abhorrent and just wrong. First, expecting wives to put up with such behavior. Second, painting all men as bestial beasts. And third, the snobbery about breeding.


Audley seems to have found a father/older brother figure in Damerel. Someone to stand up to his selfish ways and tell him to stuff it when he's being a selfish tyrant throwing a tantrum.


Damerel I don't trust, simply because all I know is from his lips or Venetia's imagination. What I do KNOW is that he assaulted a woman and told her he would have raped her if she'd been a commoner. Actions speak louder than words.


Venetia. My goodness, I hate this woman. Her imaginations about Damerel are of the "oh he's not REALLY the bad boy, he's just misunderstood" kind that make me want to punch something. It is that kind of thinking that leads women into abusive relationships or keeps them there. It really, really bothers me. Venetia's father, even dead, also pissed me off. His selfish eccentricness kept his children from truly growing up.


And Edward and the goth boy [I can't remember WHO put that in their post or comment but man, it has stuck in my mind]. I find it funny that Edward feels he even has to compete with a 19 year old. Edward is a silly blowhard who just needs the right woman to deal with him, but it certainly isn't Venetia.


On a final note, Damerel assaulted Venetia. He did not peck her on the cheek or dart in for a light little kiss. If she had been my sister, I would have killed him. I would have ridden my horse over him, crushed him to death and then ridden over him some more until he was jelly.  And I find it so improbable that Venetia just casually brushes it aside.  Men and woman usually deal with assaults in slightly different ways, depending on personality type, upbringing, etc. But one thing is that they do not brush it off. They might repress it and not remember it, but even that has consequences for the person.

And I'm going to stop before I just keep on going.