The Night of the Swarm (The Chathrand Voyage #4) DNF@7%

The Night of the Swarm - Robert V.S. Redick

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Title: The Night of the Swarm

Series: The Chathrand Voyage

Author: Robert Redick

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: DNF

Format: Kindle digital edition




My Thoughts:

I have not been a fan of this series but I did want to know how things ended.


However, at the 7% mark, Ott [a character who is a spy master and has helped set up the events for the whole series] takes down one of the few non-hateable characters, has his henchmen hold him down with a pillow over his face. Ott proceeds to slice up the other character with non-lethal but very painful cuts AND then proceeds to piss all over the guy, in front of the command structure [and everyone there] on the ship.


I don't want that kind of filth in my entertainment.