First Light (The Red #1)

First Light - Linda Nagata

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Title: First Light

Series: The Red

Author: Linda Nagata

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 417

Format: Kindle digital edition





James Shelley, known as Shelley, is leading his little army unit in the latest dustup in Africa. He has some really good instincts and has kept his company alive.  Until he ignores his feelings on one occasion and several of them die.


It is revealed that some program in the Cloud has gone autonomous [not sentient, like Skynet, mind you] and is nudging people to do things they might not ordinarily do, for reasons unknown. Shelley has a link with the Red and nobody knows if that is good or bad.


A powerful Defense Contractor, who are known as Dragons, decides that the Red is to dangerous and ends up nuking America to take the the country off of the Cloud. It is now up to a newly rebuilt Shelley and an elite team to  bring this Dragon to Justice before a world court.


My Thoughts:

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Fast paced, action filled.