Kids! Grrrrr...

Vent Ahead!




Sundays are the day that I have time to go to a local game shop and play Magic the Gathering with a former coworker and then come home and do chores and stuff.

A couple of weeks ago we met some college age guys who also play Commander, a variant version of Magic that is geared toward multi-player.


So we've setup a time that we all can meet. 3pm. I arrive early, so I can sleeve a new deck. Get a text at 3pm that the kids were going to be late. My coworker wasn't sure he was going to make it all, as he had to deal with his with his 2 kids. 4pm rolls around and nobody had showed up. So I left.

5 minutes later I get a text from the homeboys that they are only 5 minutes away.


I just threw up my metaphorical hands. I work all week, deal with life stuff after work, go to church on Saturday and then deal with house stuff on Sundays. Sunday is theday that I have a couple of hours open.


So to have it wasted by a couple of boys just frustrates me. Sorry to whine, I just needed to vent for a couple of minutes.