Fake Bookstooges!

(actually feeling extremely narcissistic)


Well, maybe not fake. More like used and discarded. Some guy on twitter used the Bookstooge moniker about 6 months before I started up here and hasn't used it since. He also created Bookstooge.com, which apparently he never developed and it is an empty page.


Also, some 2bit author on GR is at goodreads.com/bookstooge. He at least is semi-active.


I've nailed down the booklikes, blogspot, wordpress and tumblr [inactive at the moment to be honest] sites. I've thought about trying for the plain old dot com, but since mr loser twitter man took it, I guess that is out. Maybe I can use some obscure net rules and TAKE it from him. Because nothing says free enterprise on the net like TAKING something from somebody else. Booya.


Makes me wonder what else I should nail down. Or if I should even care? I mean, who would visit Bookstooge.schwapdebop.com?


Part of why I'm being so self-indulgent at the moment was that I was tracking myself on google to see who I'd commented on here at booklikes and who has since left. The timeline here isn't really useful, so a year search allowed to me see who had come and gone. It was pretty sad actually, as a lot of interesting people that I had interacted with just stopped using booklikes.




I started this post all jazzed up and now I've brought myself down. Good job me :-(