The Scorched Earth (The Chaos Born #2)

The Scorched Earth - Drew Karpyshyn

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Title: The Scorched Earth

Series: The Chaos Born

Author: Drew Karpyshyn

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 384

Format: Kindle





The forest people are going to war, under the direction of one of the Minions, who has wormed his way into the Queen's confidence. They are going after the plains people, because the Minion can sense the Ring and the Sword, 2 of the 3 Talismans.

It is now up to the 4 Children to stave off the army, survive and gather all 3 talismans together.

But with the Order going on the rampage against any with chaos abilities, and the forest mages on the warpath, can they succeed?


My Thoughts:

I actually enjoyed this more than the previous book, mainly because the 4 chosen ones were all together and we didn't have to follow 3 or 4 storylines. This time around we followed the Chosen and the Minions.


The war between the forest mages and the plains warriors was good. Nothing like battles to move the story along. Not much else to say really. It is just "good but mediocre" kind of fantasy that fills the mind, much like iceberg lettuce fills the stomach.