February '16 Roundup & Rambles





18 Books for the month. Only 1 DNF and quite a few graphic novels, comics and manga. This month just flew by, so having the lightness of the GN's and mangas was nice. Kind of like a no pressure read.


The only book that really stood out to me this month was the graphic novel Death of SupermanThe DNF, Atlantis Endgame, was only 5% in, so I didn't feel like I'd wasted any time whatsoever on it.


My Project Reread book, Way-farer, was a success and I enjoyed it this time around just as much as all the previous times. So it fared much better than last month's Jurassic Park.


I've also started to map out a reading plan for the manga I want to read/reread this year. It will take probably most of this month to get it really together, but since I still have a couple of Yu-Gi-Oh! R volumes to read, that shouldn't be an issue.  Probably going after Eyeshield 21 and then either W Juliet or Kare Kano.


I have started Madame Bovary, but it is my "phone" book, so I just read a page or two here and there when I'm waiting in line, or something like that. I've only read about 10%, which is why I haven't listed it yet. I really like the writing and am wondering about powering through it this month to see if I enjoy the plot or not.


Every month I think I'm going to type out the books I've read. And each month as I start to do it, I realize what a chore it is and my will to do so evaporates like the morning dew on a summer's day. I am thinking I might start a Roundup & Rambles post at the BEGINNING of the month and simply add each book as I review it. That way at the end of the month I can simply add the Rambles part of the post, along with the pic, and voila, Instant Post. We'll see.


I've enjoyed reading everyone elses wrap ups, roundups, end of months, etc posts. Thanks to everyone who made my feed a fun time yesterday and today. I do appreciate your hard work and ask humbly that you keep at it.