What I've Been Preoccupied With...

My last post I stated that some stuff from friends and family was taking some adjusting. The following is one of the ones that I have no qualms about sharing. Link for the full story at the end.


When I was growing up, I had a friend named Andy. He had a younger sister named Amy and we all hung out and played together and fought together. Amy graduated from the same Bibleschool as me, just a year behind. She married a wonderful Christian man and things seemed to be going splendid. They were expecting this year.


Then Amy had an emergency c-section at 28 weeks and "she" was "they". Little twin girls, one at 2lbs, the other at a mere 14oz. The girls were in NICU but Amy wasn't doing well after the c-section. They found out that Amy had stage 4 colon cancer that has spread.


So that is one of the things I'm adjusting to. Thankfully, my best friend and cousin Lindsay is best friends with Amy and is keeping everyone updated on Facebook. One of Nate's cousins [Nate is Amy's husband] started a fundraiser for them, with the overall story and updates. So please, cover them in your prayers. Nate wrote up a little testimonial that just blew me away with his faith in God.


If you would like to see pictures of little Liberty and Prairie or read more about their situation for yourself, please visit:

Help Amy Tyack