Comfort Movie

This last weekend was really bad. Found out several things about friends and family that are just overwhelming at the moment.

Then to have HungerforKnowledge go missing [thankfully, we now know she left voluntarily and wasn't a casualty of the code monkeys] was just icing on the cake.


So after work today, I plopped myself down on the couch and am watching Equilibrium.  After the Matrix, this is probably my most watched movie.

It is comforting watching Bale shoot the crap out of everyone.


Probably going to be a bit quieter this week as I let things kind of settle in my soul. Not gone, not going, just backing off for the week to get my mental footing back.

Also going to be searching for more active people on Booklikes.


Grim wrote a post about HfK leaving and it pretty much sums up things. So while I won't be reblogging it, I am providing a link for anyone who follows me who doesn't follow her.

HfK Has Left