January '16 Roundup



A pretty good month again. 22 reads, with one being a short story, another a novella, a third a graphic novel and a fourth a volume of manga.


Started my Project Reread with Jurassic Park as well. I've got 6 or 7 more books lined up already for this project, which will give me time to figure out what I want to reread for the last several.


The most fun read was Archie vs Predator graphic novel. It encouraged me to dig out my old graphic novels and give them a spin, as it appears that I never recorded reading or reviewing them. That might be because it has been so long, just not sure. Either way, expect to see more graphic novels to be reviewed by me this coming year.


Most enjoyable was a three way tie between Death of Dulgath, Shadows of Self and Hidden Masters of Marandur. All three were solid, dependable, enjoyable fantasy reads. Each author already has a track record of writing solidly, so I was expecting good things and thankfully wasn't let down.


None of these books are in the running for Best Book of the Year. After last years double hitter of His Sombre Rivals and Flowers for Algernon I am not sure that 2016 can produce a book on that level. But I've got the rest of the year to find out :-D