Book Haul

This past Tuesday my wife and I went out for dinner and then to Barnes&Noble so we could spend some Christmas giftcard loot.


I came away with these 2:





First up is Brandon Sanderson's latest Mistborn book, The Bands of Mourning. This is the 3rd book in the second Mistborn trilogy [for those whose math isn't their top thing, that makes this Book 6]. I polished off the previous book, Shadows of Self, earlier this month and am looking forward to this one quite a bit in February.


Second up is a Superman graphic novel. Back in the 90's DC created a super villain, strong enough to kill Superman, called Doomsday. I collected the whole Death and Return of Superman in graphic novel form and the sequel in which Superman supposedly defeats Doomsday for good.

Now that the DC universe has been totally rebooted with this whole "New 52" thing [I have no idea what that actually means though], that means things are open for more Doomsday stories. Considering this book is big [over 540 pages], I am probably going to read the original Death and Return of Superman GN's to get me in the proper frame of mind.


Have a great weekend folks and keep your fingers crossed that this weekend doesn't turn out like last weekend in regards to Demon Code Monkeys!