Pro & Cons

With all the issues here at Booklikes recently, and today especially, I am weighing the pro's and con's of moving my high and mighty "socialness" over to Leafmarks.





So here is my list of Pro's and Con's for Booklikes.



1) Blogging capability built into the site.

This is a big one for me, as I like to write more than just reviews. It is very helpful when it comes to problems and letting people know.


2) Customizing your homepage.

This isn't as big, especially as booklikes seems to have its own way of doing things and regular html doesn't work. You need the tutorials. Peoples' tutorials, not the booklikes' ones.

So I guess this is more of a perk.


3) I'm established here.

Leaving GR in '13 and coming was rather traumatic, in a book'ish way.  Even with people constantly coming, and leaving, at least I've had a constant platform to work off of and a small group who I am familiar with.

It also helps that that small group is familiar with me. Sometimes when people know if you are being extra jerk'y, they just let you be and come back later. That means lot to me.

So to start all over again, not something I want to do unless I'm forced to.


Sadly, that is all I can think of right now for the Pro's.



1) All the many, many, many bugs.

In the last 6 months it seems like there have been more and more instances of some amateur messing around in the code of the website and just phracking things up bad because they don't know what they are doing.

A) Likes&Attributions bug

B) Notifications randomly working, or not

C) Accounts being randomly deleted or wiped back to newbie status

D) Lag. Lots and lots of lag. But not for everyone and not all the time.

E) Other, misc bugs that people don't even realize are bugs because they only happen a couple of times then disappear.


2) Lack of Staff communication.

We used to get weekly upgrades/updates by Dawid or Kate. Then they said those had to go so they could concentrate on a site overhaul. That was over 9 months ago, if not longer. At least we knew they were listening, even if they couldn't accommodate our request.

Now, it seems like either crickets or incompetence of someone who is doing their best but has no idea of what they are doing or how to do it.


3) Re-Blog

This has already been discussed by many and acknowledged by Staff, with no resolution in sight. If someone can reblog your posts, not just reviews, to make themselves look active and they don't have to get permission or anything, forget it.


4) Lack of Librarians.

If a site doesn't have a top notch, in the background, razzle dazzle program, their book database is going to be a mess. That is just life. And that is why you need librarians to manually edit books.

And you need more than just 20'ish people for a whole site.

If you are worried about someone running amuck, like me for instance, then you can have levels of librarians. Only allow certain librarians to edit the member requests, all the others can just edit their own stuff.  But you need a lot of people editing.

And Booklikes has acted like their book dB is more precious than platinum while it actually is like rotting hay.


5) Other stuff. I know there have been things that bother others, like tags and whatnot.



So in summary for Booklikes, it seems like the cons are really outweighing the pros now. I hate to say that. I've been big proponent of Booklikes since I've arrived here in '13 but I think now is the time to critically look at if it is worth it.






Now on to Leafmarks and its Pros and Cons.



1) You can export your reviews as a tsv file.

The t stands for tab. Not as good as csv [C for Comma] file in my opinion, but that an opinion only. Either way, it means I can export all my reviews to my computer and SAVE it. I can then open said tsv file with a spreadsheet program for my personal use, or upload to another site that accepts such things.


2) Leafs

You earn different Leaves for different challenges that you participate in. Various things from number of books read in a specific genre [Fantasy Leaf 10, 25, 50, 100 and then 250] to user participation [number of reviews written, etc, etc]. These are lot of fun, at first. And they seem to stop at the 250 mark.


3) With Shelfari shutting down, there are a new crop of active people wanting to make the site work. Go them!


4) More control over your privacy and control of feed. You also can have "friends" or followers and can friend or follow others. It allows you to have greater control over how information is handled and what you see.

It isn't necessarily intuitive, but it isn't hard to ask and find out.


5) Anyone can be a librarian.

I just edit my own stuff, when I feel like it. Sometimes I just can't be bothered, you know?




1) You can only post reviews and status updates. You can't post blogposts like you can here at booklikes. For some people, that might actually be a Pro. Not for me though.


2) Groups seem to be as "active" as those here at booklikes.


3) A month ago I would have written they were even more anemic than booklikes, but now that Shelfairi is going the way of all the earth [ie, dust to dust], it has gotten a shot in the arm, much like booklikes did back in '13.


4) Anyone can be a librarian.

Just ask Debbie about the hassles of that.



I've been sick since last Tuesday evening, so I'm not in a good condition to be making large decisions right now, but I have to admit, I'm going to be weighing this out in my mind this week. It has been a long time in the making and today's example of someone hashing around in the code and screwing things up is to big to ignore.