Book Reviewing = Gym Workout

So, Hunger for Knowledge is starting up a kettlebell routine to help her be in better health. She encouraged others to join in and gave a couple of links showing a few routines.


Goblet Squat


Arm Thingies (not in english)




Stomach (because that's what I'm after)


After my last dr's visit, in which she told me that I was bordering on "obese" [which, honestly, isn't hard to do when one is only 5'2"] and that I needed to do some sort of exercise outside of work, this seemed perfect.


So, starting tomorrow, and thursday and sunday, until my next dr's appointment in May, I shall be doing these exercises. This is all actually kind of funny because I was talking with Deannahello on one of my posts and she talked about book reviewing being like a gym membership, ie, lots start and then quit after the shiny newness has worn off.


So here is hoping the shiny newness wears off tomorrow and I keep on because it is good for me. The narcissistic side of me wants to take a video and pictures, but the sane side of my brain is talking a bit louder :-) It does help to keep ones ego in check when one can grab handfuls of belly. Ugh.