Path of the Assassin (Scot Harvath #2)

Path Of The Assassin  - Brad Thor

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Title: Path of the Assassin

Series: Scot Harvath

Author: Brad Thor

Rating: of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 496

Format: Kindle





Scot breaks up with the woman from the previous book because of Reasons.

He then gets involved with the CIA in bringing down a terrorist who is trying to start WWIII in the Middle East. But only Scot knows Reasons and everyone else is an idiot so it is up to Scot to save the world.

And he meets Woman 2.


My Thoughts:

Let's start off with 2 quotes from early on in the book:




Religions were supposed to represent tolerance.

pg 39


"To tell you the truth, Father, I don't think God has a favorite football team, or a favorite religion"

pg 40


Now, what kind of idiot is Brad Thor? I couldn't tell if he was being deliberately obtuse or just shockingly ignorant and letting his ignorance hang out there for all to see.

So that was not a good start to the book.


Then him breaking up with Swiss Lawyer lady because of their work situations.  Well duh! You have to make choices that put the relationship first and if you are in a work situation where you can't do that, or choose not to do that, then it won't last. And that idea was, surprisingly, given lip service. But then 2 weeks later he falls for President of Her Own Company Lady and NO thought is given that maybe this will follow the same path? Scot Harvath is having Emotional one night stands. The women so far might as well be emotional whores and Scot is their John. I'd toss him in jail so fast...


With all of that being said, this sunk below the 2 star mark and I was ready to just put this down. But, because it is a thriller, the action ramped up from 0-160 in the blink of an eye. Terrorist attacks, planes & hostages, gun battles from fast cars in a hurricane, speedboat chases, Special Ops attack on a terrorist camp. You name it, it probably happened.


And all that action is the only reason I continued this and am going to read the next book. For the record, that is NOT a good footing to be on.