Badland (Warlord #3)

Badland - Jason Frost

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Title: Badland

Series: Warlord

Author: Jason Frost

Rating:   of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Action/Adventure

Pages: 171

Format: Kindle





Eric Ravensmith continues his hunt of Dirk Fallows who still has his son Tim.

And the United States is sending in a space shuttle to recover some secret science stuff that is on the now island of California.


My Thoughts:

Man, this was pretty bad. Cannibal children, the freaking space shuttle! Come on, if the mainland wanted something from California, there are easier ways than the space shuttle. And astronauts with a minimal of military training.


Eric almost rescues his son, Fallows is brainwashing Tim and one woman leaves on the space shuttle and the other stays behind. Gratuitous sex scenes allround.