Reenlistment (America's Galactic Foreign Legion #2)

Reenlistment - Walter Knight

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Title: Reenlistment

Series: America's Galactic Foreign Legion

Author: Walter Knight

NEW Rating: of 5 Battle Axes
OLD Rating: of 5 Battle Axes
Genre: SFF
Pages: 147
Format: Kindle

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So Walter Knight gets a 1 Star and no more sales, or reviews, from me. I won't support a thief or a thieving publisher.






Gold! Gosh darned GOLD! A goldrush occurs and the spiders start up the war again.

Joey and the Legion are playing a 3 sided game and the silliness continues.


My Thoughts:

I didn't find this as funny as the first book. Part of that is what is funny the first time isn't as funny the second time around. It was still amusing and entertaining, but I wasn't laughing like I was in the first book.


I found the Human/Spider only interaction to be limiting as well. I was hoping for more mayhem between everyone, ie, the beetles, the ants, the spiders and the humans. But I guess the random spiders taking of humans was enough.