Goalish Thoughts for 2016

While it is only the beginning of December and 2016 is almost a month away, my goals for 2015 are complete, my reading plans for December are already laid out and I am now left twiddling my mental fingers.


That is a situation where ANYTHING can happen. My wife usually refers to me as:



And promptly gives me a list of things to do. Otherwise I come out with some rather odd thoughts, like robbing banks, steamrolling our local Target and installing machine gun nests at our state border with Taxachusetts.


I suspect I have been thinking about 2016 goals because I just finished my reading challenge for 2015 and it always takes some time for me to decide whether I want to do it again for the next year or not. My main goals for '15 were to read 150 books, 1 non-fiction and a Classic each month. I will probably keep those, but am looking for something snazzy, new and novel to keep me interested beyond the mere books themselves.


I have thought about doing a Re-Read Year where I do nothing but re-read books. I really like the idea but am concerned that I will destroy a lot of fond memories of books i enjoyed in the past. I do have a solid repertoire of re-read books that I KNOW I'll like, but not 150.


One goal I would like to accomplish is to clean out my TBR shelf here at Booklikes. I only have around 20 but they run the gamut from obscure indie releases to old russian fairytales. A couple are books that won't be released until sometime in '16 anyway. I keep my usual TBR list in Calibre and then transfer a bunch to my kindle when I get below 50 books on the kindle. 100 books in the TBR is usually my goal so that way I know I've got the majority of a year's reading already set to go.


I know some people have what I consider to outrageous goals, each month. Those Bingo Book thingies for one! I have to admit I simply don't understand what the attraction to them is. They obviously work for people, if the number of people I see participating is any thing to measure by.


Do goals stress you out? Too many do for me, but NO goals is even more stressful. I need some sort of order and fences when it comes to my reading, even if little fences that I can easily jump over ;-)