Diggers (Bromeliad #2)

Diggers - Terry Pratchett

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Title: Diggers

Series: Bromeliad

Author: Terry Pratchett

Rating: of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Pages: 224

Format: Kindle





The Store has been destined for destruction. Masklin convinces all the elves to hijack a truck and head to a quarry, where they can live in peace.

Only they can't.

Masklin heads out on a quest given to him by the Thing and the rest of the crew must keep the group of elves together and unified. Good luck with that!


My Thoughts:

Pretty much the same exact thoughts as for the previous book, Truckers.

Amusing and yet mocking.


I really shouldn't have read these first 2 back to back. The funny, amusing parts don't come off as well and the simplisticness of it all is much more in the forefront. Even though things kind of end in a cliffhanger [UFO's anyone?], it just isn't worth it it. I need some time before I plunge into the final book.