Truckers (Bromeliad #1)

Truckers - Terry Pratchett

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Title: Truckers

Series: Bromeliad

Author: Terry Pratchett

Rating: of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Pages: 292

Format: Kindle





A group of elves living by a truckstop hop on a truck to find a new place to live. They come to The Store and find a whole enclave of elves who are convinced that the Store is the All of Existence. Can this small group convince them that there is more to the world than just the Store?


My Thoughts:

If elves were little gnomes from space that had forgotten their origins due to them living much faster than us, then you would have this book.

Throw in Pratchett's amusing mocking of organized religion, all written at a younger person's level and you have this book.


I found it amusing, slightly sacrilegious and generally a good read. I think Pratchett points some very good fingers at things that I as a Christian need to answer. It would also be a great book to discuss philosophy and the basis of religion with one's children.


That being said, while I have no problems answering, and shrugging off, Pratchett's mocking, I wouldn't give this to my kids as a steady diet. Not until they've formed their own base of Faith and have at least asked some hard questions about what they believe.