Well, I Guess I'm Done...

8hrs ago I had another incident of someone randomly liking one of my posts from a year ago and it showing up on their timeline as being written by someone else.


I can understand this happening once or twice in a row, like earlier. But when the bug has been reported and purportedly fixed, and it continues to happen, well, that is not acceptable. Especially a bug that is affecting book reviews, on a book review site.


The whole Reblog thing had me on the edge but since it didn't affect me, I wasn't too worried, even if I should have been. This has affected me. So I am forced to take action. I know this all sounds kind of pretentious but these issues are at the core of what it means to be reviewing at a book site.


So my little moratorium on putting up reviews has just had its ending point severely extended. I'll keep writing my reviews, putting them up on my other sites and save them as drafts here. I just don't know where else to go. Blogger and Wordpress are great for cataloging but take too much effort to create a social circle, Leafmarks has been taken over by fanfic/mm/romance people who make me sick to my stomach and I certainly can't go back to Goodreads.  I'm still going to be active here, but not putting up my reviews feels like the beginning of something bad.


Sometimes it feels like everything I like or want to like is being taken away from me. Or maybe I'm just really tired and nothing is in its correct perspective. That is the problem with self-analyzing while in the middle of the vortex.