I have been collecting Alan Dean Foster's Icerigger trilogy for about the past 10 years, in hardcover.


10 years, you ask? Well, the problem is, the hardcover editions were only printed 1-3 times, so there are NOT a lot of them in existence. Book 3 was kind of a challenge to find. Book 2 I got WICKED lucky and found on Book 1 has been my personal challenge. Copies were available, but they were running from $150-$500. For me, that was just impossible. But when I saw copies for $150, I was tempted. Thankfully, I have a wife who keeps me honest :-)  and fiscally responsible.


So imagine my delight when I saw a copy on for a mere $30. I ordered it before some other grubber could, then I emailed the seller asking for confirmation that it was indeed a hardcover. I've had some issues with used books in the past where idiot sellers would claim one edition then deliver a mass market paperback. Thankfully, it all turned out kosher and was indeed a hardcover.


And today it came in the mail.

♪♪ The Angel Choirs Sang ♪♪