#Reread Heaven

Paul made up a list earlier today of some rereads he'd done and some series he was going to get into.


His post can be found HERE.


I thought that was a GREAT idea. I tend to re-read for a couple of reasons:


1) It was an excellent book and deserved to be re-read.


2) It was a fun book and I just enjoy revisiting a fun place.


3) It was part of a long series and I needed to reread the latest book to remember where things were for the next book.


4) I forgot I had read it already.



If you are REALLY interested, I have a whole shelf dedicated to my Rereads. I am not sure if that link will work or not.  Since 2000 I have reread 135 books.  Over half of that is manga as I wanted to review them the second time around.  So not as many as it seems at first glance. Averages out to around 4-5 rereads a year [taking out the manga]. That number has taken quite a hit in the recent years with the advent of ebooks and the flood of books now available for cheap or free.


So here is the list of books, series and authors that I have reread.


1) Jane Austen. All of her books. Always good, always will be.


2) Charles Dickens. Actually not as many on the list as I was expecting. Maybe next year will be a Dickens reread year.


3) Sentenced to Prism by Alan Dean Foster. Read this 3 times since 2000 and I know at least twice before that.


4) The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. So many books spread over so long made rereads an absolute necessity.


5) Galactic Odyssey by Keith Laumer. Same exact thing as Sentenced to Prism. Something about these books just hooked me from the first time and have never let up.


6) Way-farer by Dennis Schmidt. First read this in highschool and was my first introduction to eastern thought of any kind. And come on, people with ninja swords fighting mental aliens? What is there NOT to love about that?


7) The Hobbit by Tolkien. If I had to choose one book, besides the Bible, that would be the only book I could ever read again, it would be this.


8) When Worlds Collide // After Worlds Collide by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer. A wonderful scifi duology back when people believed in Science as the new god and that it would solve ALL problems. A bit of a perspective piece. And it is a fun story.


9) The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. This is in the running with The Hobbit for best book I've ever read.



Since this went so long, I think I'll pass on the series I plan to read. Thank you Paul for doing this. I really enjoyed this.