Farlander (Heart of the World #1)

Farlander - Col Buchanan

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Title: Farlander

Series: Heart of the World

Author: Col Buchanan

Rating:  of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 402

Format: Kindle





Ash, a Farlander and an assassin, is forced to take on an apprentice. Soon after the apprentice's training is finished, an assignment comes up that will take them into the heart of the Empire to kill the prince.

The Empire knows they are coming.


My Thoughts:

Much more than just an assassin story. A full blown, Empire growing, religious strains, etc, etc. It also does not have a happy ending.


And yet it drew me in, kept my attention and interest and even when things happened that I wasn't expecting, or liked, it was ok. I'll definitely be checking out the second book in this new series soon.