Anime Nostalgia

Netflix was down this evening and I was too tired to concentrate on reading [from staying up late creating some new decks from the latest MTG release], so I pulled out some of my old anime dvd's and decided to watch a series called Gasaraki.


This was cutting edge back in my day. And I realized that it is 17 years old now. It would be considered Old School now. Of course, what I consider Old School [Robotech and stuff from the 80's] is downright ancient now.




I like it. It is rough and you can see the drawing marks. Digital has its own positives, but I like something that isn't so glossy and smooth. I like knowing that a human being has put their blood, sweat and tears into what I am seeing.  While anime might have failed at bringing about world peace through shared culture, it sure has brought about globalization through shared interest.