The Jedi Doth Return (William Shakespeare's Star Wars #3)

The Jedi Doth Return - Ian Doescher, January LaVoy, Jeff Gurner, Daniel Davis, Marc Thompson, Jonathan Davis

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Title: The Jedi Doth Return

Series: William Shakespeare's Star Wars

Author: Ian Doescher

Rating: of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Minutes: 215

Format: Audio book





No summary, why bother? I know this story beyond what I care about.


My Thoughts:

I ended up listening to half of this while working at the office the other weekend. And that was a problem. I knew this story, so I didn't feel it necessary to actually listen to this and hence I would simply zone out and miss huge chunks of the story.

Which was ok since I knew the story.


But if this had been another book, it would have been a complete failure and I would have missed so much that nothing would have made sense. It did make me realize that I can only listen to audiobooks while driving to and from work.