The Djinn

The Djinn - J. Kent Holloway

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Title: The Djinn

Series: -----

Author: J. Holloway

Rating: of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Christian Fiction

Pages: 268

Format: Kindle





If Batman was a staunch Protestant, in one of the Crusades AND he had leprosy, you'd pretty much have this book.

In the past, Solomon stopped 12 golems from destroying Jerusalem by trapping them in his underground treasure chambers.

Now, one man is searching for the means to re-animate and control said golems for his own nefarious purposes.


My Thoughts:

I'm being pretty generous with that 3 star. It really felt more like a 2 1/2 but there were some cool moments, and I just had a good time this evening routing a nemesis, so I'm pretty happy.


The "mystery" of the djinn is easily seen through and that takes away from some of the suspense of the book. If Holloway had focused more on the golems and less on the djinn, I might have enjoyed this more. The whole djinn vs the corrupt crusader was rather meh.


Theology-wise, hearing someone spout some very hard core Protestant ideas [the Catholic church is not Christianity, I can believe in Jesus and still be a Christian without acknowledging the Church, etc] in this time period was a little disconcerting. Not bad, just very unexpected. It really came across as 21st century.


There were a couple of times where Holloway obviously kept info from the reader but not from his characters and I did not like that. It was deliberate enough to notice and came across as trying way to hard. Kind of like a 10 year old waving his left hand while he uses his right hand to "magically" pull colored scarves from his right sleeve.


I think I'll give Holloway's other books a chance. One chance, mind you. maybe in a couple of months.