Well, There Goes That Idea...

If this post is reblogged, that re-blogger is a total loser, has no life or imagination of their own and pretty much I would have more respect for the lint between my toes than that re-blogger.

(Exeunt Bookstooge with righteous indignation)


Recently, I was having a discussion with another reviewer via the comments section of their post and they said something like "Since you follow me, you know that I..." and listed several things that I should have taken into account with my initial comment. And they were absolutely correct. Problem was, I didn't pay that much attention to said reviewer and so those things never even intruded into my thoughts and hence things went the way they did.


That got me thinking about the whole Following/Follower thing, again.  I really need to stop doing that, because every time I do, I end up with churning thoughts in my brain, rash decisions being contemplated and potentially long-winded posts just waiting to spring forth from my fingertips and onto the screen.




These thoughts reminded me of another conversation I'd had with someone where they stated that 50 people is about the maximum number that one can have a meaningful relationship with. After that, people become impressions, bits and pieces, confused with others, fleeting ghosts. I have to admit, when I first heard that, I scoffed. A mere 50 people? Who can't keep track of, interact meaningfully and know 50 people? After my time with the poster I first mentioned, I started giving this 50 people idea a bit more credence.


I went through my list of people I follow and axed at least 15. Not because I had anything against them but because they either weren't posting, were posting but reviewing genres I had NO interest in or because I couldn't tell a single thing about them.





Not bad, not bad at all. Now I could Comment with more understanding, Like with power and generally be a total Booklikes Bad Ass. Hear Me ROAR! With that being said, how do I spend my time this morning? Going through the Rising Up section in the Explore part of Booklikes and adding 10+ new people I follow. I want to bang my  head against a wall right now.


Don't feel pity for me. Remember that 9 times out of 10, I bring the problems down on my own head. Simply learn from this Cautionary Tale and remember that even Total Booklikes Bad Asses have their kryptonite. Ha :-D