The Cutthroat (Warlord #2)

The Cutthroat - Jason Frost

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Title: The Cutthroat

Series: Warlord

Author: Jason frost

Rating: of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Action/Adventure

Pages: 269





Captain Awesome Sauce is hot on the trail of the Bad Guy, so that he can rescue Awesome Sauce Jr. Tagging along is Hot Girl Wife Replacement. Sadly, Ye Olde Pirate Crewe forces them to detour and take part in their swashbuckling Adventures of Olde.

A lot of people die and Awesome Sauce and Replacement Wife keep on truckin'.


My Thoughts:

Brainless action with a new brand of California Pirates. Nothing really stands out. Except the pathetic sex scene. Beyond being gratuitous, it was just a joke.


This is just Men's Action. What more can you say?