A Planeswalker and Real Life [MTG]

I haven't been doing much reading recently. Not because I am in a slump, or don't have anything to read or because I don't want to read my books. Nope, it is simply because my hobby of playing Magic the Gathering is growing and I'm devoting more time to it.


I feel like Tron when he was turned into Rinzler: A Traitor!






I knew this would probably happen though, so I guess it shouldn't come as a real surprise. Magic isn't called Cardboard Crack for no reason. But I thought it would take me a solid year or so to get truly sucked in. Ha.





On the positive side, this can never happen to us:





And to wrap up, I am thankful for my wife, who helps keep me from this:






I am still reading. Just not every spare minute like I used to. My time is like a puzzle that I have to figure out how it all comes together. I think my book pieces have shrunk :-)






And finally, because I don't have any words to describe how I feel about this witless wonder.